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GRANDEUR Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design
Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design The grandeur is a classic Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design that was installed in custom built homes in Long Island, New York. As it has a step hearth design that moves across the bottom of the wall, it completely separates the walls from the floor from the mantel....
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GIULIANA Limestone Fireplace Mantle

Limestone Fireplace Mantle
Limestone Fireplace Mantle Giuliana is a classical limestone mantle that is now placed in Southern Californian mansions. Its natural stone beauty brings out the best in your family room. Around the mantel are several layers of limestone, there is a niche on each outside layer with spotlights to bring the...
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STRATFORD Vintage Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

vintage limestone fireplace
Vintage Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design Stratford is a natural vintage limestone fireplace mantel that is hand carved molded and ready to be in your luxury home. This mantle has a great side view because of the stone wall and paneling that the mantle is placed on. The legs of the...
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PROVENCE Portuguese Limestone Fireplace Mantel

portuguese limestone fireplace
Portuguese Limestone Fireplace Provence PROVENCE Portuguese Limestone Fireplace Mantel is designed for North American homes. It is considerably light, so it will not ruin your hardwood floor. This 3 piece 1 inch slab hearth is leveled with your great room hardwood. The wavy shape of the limestone mantle frieze helps the...
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ANTONELLA Custom Limestone Mantel Surround

ANTONELLA custom limestone mantel surround
Custom Limestone Mantel Surround This custom limestone mantel surround has become an important piece of architectural work especially in modern homes. There are many reasons why this piece of artwork has become so essential in today’s home construction. For starters, it is considered an important piece of décor. For you...
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VICHY Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel

Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel
Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel Vichy Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel will deliver an authentic French country stone façade. This magnificent fireplace mantel creates a romantic atmosphere, that is refined and effortlessly sophisticated. The French limestone used to create this practical, beautiful natural stone accent is a natural material with unique beauty....
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TEODUR Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels

gothic limestone fireplace
Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels Teodur Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels feature a beautiful elliptical arch with a very bold design that is perfect for any over sized room in your custom built home. This classical design is rather timeless and it can work with any décor in your luxury home. The...
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French Provincial Mantel With TV

French Provincial Mantel
French Provincial Mantel This natural French Provincial Mantel With TV is splendid in every manner. With its splash French styling often seen in chateaux and manor houses in France this stone immediately makes a statement with its bold simplicity and imposing structure. It is quite impressive for any entrance into...
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TIZIANO Custom victorian marble fireplace mantel

This elegant custom Victorian design natural stone fireplace mantle hand carved out of Italian Marble can be custom made so that it is hand carved out of the natural stone of your choice, such as Spanish Limestone. Its simple carvings make this piece the perfect hybrid between a modern and...
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PETRAS Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

The Petras limestone mantel has a great side view. It can bring out the strength in your family room to bring you and your family together. The limestone hearth of the mantle is a half raised design that protects your hard wood floor from the wood burning fireplace heat. The...
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