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ANTONELLA Custom Limestone Mantel Surround

Custom Limestone Mantel Surround

This custom limestone mantel surround has become an important piece of architectural work especially in modern homes. There are many reasons why this piece of artwork has become so essential in today’s home construction. For starters, it is considered an important piece of décor. For you to give your home the necessary adornment, you have to put up unique decorations, one of which should be this amazing custom limestone mantel surround. With its stunning beauty, this fireplace mantel surround will definitely transform your pain looking fireplace into a wonderful sight that will take everyone’s breath away the moment they lay their eyes on your fireplace. 

It is therefore right to declare that this custom limestone mantel is the perfect option for homeowners looking to create a centerpiece in their living rooms. We all love the idea of having something that will capture our attention the moment we enter the house. Luckily, now you have a unique way of achieving this thanks to this limestone fireplace mantel surround. It is designed to standout while pushing everything else to the backdrop. You can therefore rest assured that your home will have a one of a kind focal point that will keep guests staring at your fireplace.

As we create our interior design, we always want to install décor elements that will harmoniously complement each other to create a complete style. This is not easy to pull off even for experienced interior designers. But with Antonella limestone fireplace mantel surround, you minimize the possibility of experiencing a design mismatch since it is features a versatile design that can be used in a variety of spaces. What’s more, it comes in a neutral white cream color, which is highly versatile and adaptable. Therefore you do not have to worry about color crash in your house.

If you are looking for a fireplace mantel surround that will add a sense of balance and stability to your interior design, think Antonella limestone fireplace mantel surround. The entire piece comes with some perfectly created lines, patterns, and carvings. These patterns are meant to give your fireplace a natural look. If you really want to make a statement with your interior design, this Antonella limestone fireplace surround must be one of your top priorities. It will add an air of warmth and elegance to your living room, allowing you to show guests your unique taste of style and luxury. 

Product Specifications

Approximate Adjustable Dimensions

Overall Size: (W X H) 94"X60"Opening Size: (W X H)52"X42"

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 Max Six Weeks