Gothic Limestone fireplace mantels in US

TEODUR Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels

Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels

Teodur Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels feature a beautiful elliptical arch with a very bold design that is perfect for any over sized room in your custom built home. This classical design is rather timeless and it can work with any décor in your luxury home. The classic design cuts across everything, from formal to casual to create the right mood for all occasions.

These Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels are crated from one of the most famous Italian stones. The Italian limestone was chosen for its purity and durability. The stone is loved for its majestic white color and elaborate veining. The greatness and superiority of this stone is comparable to the greatness of a Porsche on the road. The stone has withstood the test of time in some of the most famous buildings in the world.

These particular Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels bring into your space the benefits of having a raised hearth. It brings both practical and aesthetical benefits associated with a raised hearth. The raised hearth is crafted from the Italian limestone that is used all through the design. One of the greatest benefits of these hearths is that they help reduce the risk of sparks and embers getting to the rugs sitting nearby. You can also use the hearth as an additional sitting space. How about a long cushion that covers the length of the hearth?

The Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels are fitted with carefully calculated architectural elements, compatible with your space. The co-joined twin style leg design creates a point of interest in the mantels’ lower edges. The under mantel on the other hand is crafted in a sophisticated classic style design with clean linear quality. These mantels with their finesse bring a feel of chic into your custom built home. The over mantel is very sophisticated in design yet well designed with a timeless appeal. The frieze is hand carved with some lovely patterns completing its design.

The mantels’ overall size is (W X H) 76” X 60” and an opening size of 42” X 40”. These Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels’ height can be customized to fit your specifications. Similarly the color of the stone and design of the hearth can also be adjusted to meet your specifications to make a statement in any style custom built home. To learn more about the imposing Teodur Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantels, please contact our design experts at 1-888-272-0630, where we are always happy to help.


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Overall Size: (W X H) 76"X60"

Opening Size: (W X H)42"X40"


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