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MARIA Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

This limestone fireplace mantle is made from Spanish limestone and has many wonderful features. By having two spotlights over the mantel, the beauty of your fireplace mantle will double. The over mantle is very simple and graceful. The simple curved corbels, bring strength to the mantle. The legs of the...
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FRENCH COUNTRY limestone fireplace Surround

This simple and elegant French Country design fireplace mantel is hand carved out of natural French Limestone. Its clean cut lines and straight edges is the perfect hybrid between a modern but yet classic design. This natural stone piece can be custom made so that it is hand carved in...
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EDENBERGE Custom Marble Fireplace Mantel

Edenberge is a custom made Italian Marble fireplace mantle that can also be hand carved in Spanish or French Limestone, or the natural stone of your choice. Its beautiful carving on the upper mantle can be custom made so that it can hold your family crest or motto which would...
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