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STRATFORD Vintage Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

Vintage Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

Stratford is a natural vintage limestone fireplace mantel that is hand carved molded and ready to be in your luxury home. This mantle has a great side view because of the stone wall and paneling that the mantle is placed on. The legs of the mantel are designed so well. The stone color changes in the parts of the legs (corbels). Around the floral design on the legs, the color of the stone gets brighter. This mantle has an antique look, due to the design. On the stone wall behind the mantel, are two columns, one on each side. In the middle of these columns is a picture frame molding which is perfectly designed. You could add an LCD TV in the over mantel. The over mantle has a crown molding that completes the mantle. The stone paneling on the over mantle and back wall is glorious and that is what brings the antique look to the mantle. On the side of the back wall is a floral design, and it also has a whiter border design around the floral design. The frieze is the most important part of the mantle because it is the eyes focal point. In this mantle the frieze (shelf) really does stand out from the whole mantle. The trim around the fireplace of the mantle can be made custom depending on your order. The hearth of the mantle is a raised hearth, but in 3 pieces. This mantle would bring sensational history to your great room.

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Overall Size: (W X H) 84"X60"Opening Size: (W X H)54"X44"

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 Max Six weeks