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 hroughout history architectural elements such as fireplace mantels, kitchen hoods and columns have been the essential components of luxurious villas, chateaux, and homes around the world. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. has served hundreds of clients across North America with elegant hand carved fireplace mantels, limestone kitchen hoods, marble-floor designs, and other architectural elements.

Today there is a resurgence of these refined “finishing touches,” as our clients ask us for ways to make their homes and businesses more personalized to better reflect their lifestyles and passions. We provide natural stone products, including hand carved fireplace mantels, limestone kitchen hoods, marble columns, fountains, niches, door surrounds, and much more. Marvelous Marble Design Inc., with a large number of hand carved fireplace mantels in its warehouse, is the first North American marble carving company to offer both hand carved stone and cast stone designs.

Each of our products is carefully designed and hand carved by our skilled craftsmen, who combine technology with age-old techniques. This blend of classical and new techniques ensures precise measurements, durability, timeless beauty, and a look uniquely suited to each individual. Our expert design team has developed more than a hundred designs, which we customize for each luxury home. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. marble fire place mantels, stone range hoods, and marble floor medallions are designed to accommodate new and existing styles. We will carry out every phase of a project; we design, deliver, and install marble fireplace mantels, limestone kitchen hoods, and inlaid floor medallions.

Marvelous has one of the largest collections of hand carved fireplace mantel designs in all of North America. Our designs range from classical to modern. There is no limitation in terms of size or material in Marvelous Marble Design products.

We ensure the quality of our products by using only the highest quality marble and centuries-old carving techniques. Our designers carefully combine old-world techniques with luxury designs, expert material selection, and the finest craftsmanship to make each project unique.