Portuguese Limestone Fireplace Mantel in New york

PROVENCE Portuguese Limestone Fireplace Mantel

Portuguese Limestone Fireplace

Provence PROVENCE Portuguese Limestone Fireplace Mantel is designed for North American homes. It is considerably light, so it will not ruin your hardwood floor. This 3 piece 1 inch slab hearth is leveled with your great room hardwood. The wavy shape of the limestone mantle frieze helps the shelf to have a focal point. The mantel corbels side strength gets larger as you move up, which brings beauty to the side view. Around the fireplace mantle opening, we have a well carved trim molding to round the mantels opening edge. The perfect masonry and stone paneling bring ultimate luxury to the overmantle.

The two stage crown molding brings elegance to the mantel. The professional installation of the 3 sections of the over mantle enhance the beauty of the living room decor. The over mantles sections, able us to customize the height for any two story room. If you have two French design chairs, one on either side of the mantel, they will double the luxury of the mantel. This mantel will leave anyone who walks into your room, speechless. By adding your own touch, you will have a piece of history in your custom built home that you helped design.You could add your own touch to this mantle with a painting or so.

Product Specifications

Approximate Adjustable Dimensions

Overall Size: (W X H) 65"X61"Opening Size: (W X H)48"X48"

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 Max Six weeks