Limestone Fireplace Mantle in beverly hills california

GIULIANA Limestone Fireplace Mantle

Limestone Fireplace Mantle

Giuliana is a classical limestone mantle that is now placed in Southern Californian mansions. Its natural stone beauty brings out the best in your family room. Around the mantel are several layers of limestone, there is a niche on each outside layer with spotlights to bring the color of the mantle alive. The corbels are just uniquely designed to have a natural look, and bring calmness and peace into your family room, the same with the frieze. It has the same design as the corbels to bring peace and calmness to your life, and to bring the whole mantel together. The shelf has been hand carved so well, that it has a distinctive look to it. This limestone fireplace mantle has a raised hearth. Around the gas or wood burn fireplace is a surround that can be made from the same limestone or marble. The over mantel and the mantel complete each other. The limestone fireplace mantle can be the focal point of your great room, living room, or dining room. On the over mantel is a picture frame molding, and inside the picture frame molding is a diagonal limestone brick pattern. But, on the layers behind the mantle is a stone paneling design. This mantle has a beautiful crown molding that is placed on your mantel like a crown would be placed on a queen or king.

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Overall Size: (W X H) 66"X48"Opening Size: (W X H)48"X35"

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