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he following is a collection of questions that we are receiving from our value customer regularly. We hope you find your answers here.


Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

Can I install the mantel by myself?
Yes, you will need just a few basic tools and materials. Our products have been Design for a trouble-free installation by any competent stonemason. Instructions are provided in the packaging and are also available on our web site under the Installation Video link. Our commitment to you goes beyond the shipping of your project. Technical assistance is just a phone call away.
Do your mantels go around real wood burning fireplaces?
Yes, it is non-combustible; they can go around gas, electric and wood burning fireplaces
I have a brick fireplace, what can be done with it?
All you need to do is cover it up with drywall and dress it up with a new mantel piece. Let our technical support department share their experience with you.
I have a wooden mantel, could it be removed and replaced?
Yes, we can replace any type of fanade wooden, marble or brick
I have a gas insert but I don't know what to put around it?
We will help you design a mantel to fit your style and budget. Just give us a call.
Aside from your stone selections, are custom marble also available?
Yes, we also carve custom design from different marble or lime stone in large variety of color and texture. Contact us, with your special request.
What is your standard lead time?
  • Lead times for standard items typically range from 2-3 weeks from the date a deposit is received.
  • Lead times for hand-carved custom items are evaluated on a project-by-project basis. We have shipped custom orders in as little as three weeks. There may be several projects that are ahead of their construction schedule. We will check with our manufacturing department to accommodate any rush if possible. Please give us a call.
Do you design and sculpture your mantel pieces yourself?
All sculpting of originals is done by our own craftsmen in our sculpting studio. Our designs can be traced back to architectural stone detailing styles in Italy, France, Spain, and England.
Can I get the stone samples?
  • A sample kit can be requested via phone, fax or on our website.
  • The kits themselves are free; however, we ask that the requester pay the shipping costs.
  • We can ship the kit using any of the major courier companies (i.e. UPS, FedEx, Purolator, etc.).
  • If you have an account with a specific courier company, we can ship the kit to you using your account.
  • If you do not have an account, we can ship the kit out on a credit card.
  • Kits are sent out on a three-day standard service unless otherwise specified.
  • “Shipping costs for sample kits are refundable upon purchase of any Marvelous product.”
Do I need to seal your products?
Sealing will protect your stone from stains. Also, it will most probably darken the color and appearance of your product. Our products all has been sealed in factory before shipment but you might need to seal it after installation with regular stone sealer.