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PETRAS Limestone Fireplace Mantel Design

The Petras limestone mantel has a great side view. It can bring out the strength in your family room to bring you and your family together. The limestone hearth of the mantle is a half raised design that protects your hard wood floor from the wood burning fireplace heat. The carved legs are very modern and support the frieze. The straightness of the legs makes the mantle very simple and chic. The trim of the mantel is so well put together, that if you looked at it straight on, you could not tell if the mantel was one piece or several pieces. The frieze of the mantel has a sort of crown that is as simple as the mantel. The strength frieze is the eye popping piece of this limestone fireplace mantle. You could have the chicest mantels of your family room dreams in our collection. We can also change some parts of the mantle to custom make it.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions
Overall Size: (W X H) 86"X65"

Opening Size: (W X H)56"X44"

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