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“Customer satisfaction is our company primary goal”

The Marvelous Marble Design team is a staunch believer in providing the highest quality customer care because the base element and unit of our business, the customer, makes it possible for us to carry out daily business operations. We personalize the entire Marvelous Marble experience so that you feel part of the process from A-to-Z, rather than feel alienated and distant from it. We open up a channel that ceases to close, even after the work is completed, where you are empowered through our customer services and are free to express feedback at any stage and point.

We champion and ensure a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and incorporate the latest successful customer relations methods that have been proven through meticulous research from a third-party. Our customer service department at Marvelous Marble constantly fine-tunes their techniques to ensure that its at its highest possible level, and we ensure this by implementing a rigorous training program for our customer relations staff.

Serving as the backbone of our company, our customer care team are constantly linked to our designers and our customers, ensuring that a constant line of communication is open that enhances the end-product and experience for our team and yourself. These testimonials are not only a tribute to our great product list but also a tribute to our tireless customer service department who are with our past and present customers every step of the way, and are consummate professionals.

I had a dilemma with getting the right mantle that would suit my furniture, my lifestyle and fit perfectly in my tall ceiling. I was glad to find Marvelous Mansion online and they immediately impressed me with their exquisite virtual gallery.

Laila S. – Los Angeles, CA


I picked the Capri fireplace mantel, which was my pick. I was privileged to work with their tireless staff who were professionals every step of the way.

Jeremiah A. – Chicago, IL


I was really thankful that they helped me from beginning to the end, from installation to their excellent 24/ 7 customer service. What impressed me the most about Marvelous Mansion was their first-class expertise in their field and their dedication to the completion of my beloved mantel, that has become a treasure in my house.
Elizabeth O. – New York, NY


I have recommended their business to many of my associates, friends and family, and to this day, I know I made the right choice by picking Marvelous Mansion for my mantel. Your team is truly marvelous!

Ed K. – Boston, MA


When it comes to interior design, it’s always hard to express your vision to someone who is involved with transforming your home. This requires that the designers not only match your outlook, but to also match your intensity as my home is my an essential part of my character and I want it to be perfect. Marvelous Mansion were up to the task and this is not an easy compliment that I throw around often, as I’m a perfectionist myself and everything must meet my high standards.
David M. Toronto, ON, Canada


Marvelous Marble design were courteous, demonstrated a high level of professionalism and were true specialists in their craft, helpful and guided me and my husband through the whole process. I have to tip my hat to their customer service department as I was always asking questions and they patiently and adequately answered all of my concerns. Thanks for everything Marvelous Mansion, I guarantee you that I will be a re-peat customer.

Michael T. and Jacqueline T. – Houston, TX


I liked how Marvelous Marble Design personalized the experience for me. I mean, after some cajoling methods of other home innovators and how they promise you a new world and couldn’t deliver on their promises. But Marvelous Mansion kept it all simple for me and they had a wide selection gallery that I was able to pick and choose from. I was not only impressed with their stock items, but I was impressed with their handling of the whole situation.

Jeremiah A. – Chicago, IL


I wanted a fireplace mantle that would fit in with my custom-build home, and I wanted a natural stone spectacle that would enhance my house and sell the customization features. I’m glad I was able to find them, and I know I made a real smart choice when I picked Marvelous Mansion to do my fireplace mantels.

Marcus R. – Huntington, NY


I needed a decor interior home company that could do a big job for my house: I needed five fireplace mantel surrounds plus a matching marble floor for different parts of the house. The tricky part was making sure that the marble floor inlay and fireplace mantle surround in each room matched, not only with each other and the culture of the room, but satisfied my particular taste. Boy, was it a relief to find Marvelous Marble!

Ari C. – Atlanta, GA


Marvelous Marble Design made the whole process an easier task than I imagined, as I had quite a few hurdles and standard issues in the way. Luckily, I lucked out, and I was really satisfied with the work they provided, the quality of their product was really top-notch, as I have some experience in stone-work, and the customer service structure really blew me away! For a future job, whether it’s of this magnitude or smaller, I’m definitely going to be calling Marvelous Mansion’s number.

Eric V. – Syracuse, NY


When I did my curtains with another company, I really had a lot of problems. I decided that perhaps this online thing was not the best idea to go with when searching for a company to do my floors. But I gave it another try after a lot of research and a lot of reservations, and I was really glad that I did because I found Marvelous Marble. I was really satisfied and quite amazed at their showroom gallery which was some of the most innovative stuff that I have seen.

Joe H. – Dallas, TX


I decided to get the mosaic marble flooring because of the patterning and marble inlay that was real neat, high class and extravagant. An important note that I should get out is I was real amazed how their customer service was always available 24/ 7 and the whole thing was headache-free. This is because in my past experiences online companies tried to ignore this important aspect and I’m glad Marvelous Marble didn’t!

Thomas K. -Glendale , CA


Six fireplace mantle surrounds, over 6,500 square feet of flooring that needed a marble floor design, and two large kitchen range hoods that I needed to hand-pick and needed for it to be installated. Sounds like I would have to go to three different and large companies to get this job done right? Wrong. All I had to do was go to Marvelous Mansion who could do the versatile job functions that my situation required, and to my lofty expectations, and do a job that would do justice to my estate home.

John S. – San Jose, CA


I was amazed at their expertise level, they had a high knowledge of the various colour sequences, design motifs, and architectural styles that fit in with the rest of my home. I also appreciated the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service they have.

kathy D. – Alexandria, VA


I don’t think Marvelous Marble’s customer service staff ever sleeps from my experience with them, they are tireless, do their job real well and stand up for you all the way through. Thank you for the wonderful and memorable experience Marvelous Marble, you’re definitely going to be hearing from me and my family again!

Edwin O. – Orange County, CA