Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel in New York

VICHY Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel

Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel

Vichy Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel will deliver an authentic French country stone façade. This magnificent fireplace mantel creates a romantic atmosphere, that is refined and effortlessly sophisticated. The French limestone used to create this practical, beautiful natural stone accent is a natural material with unique beauty. The stone carries with it versatility and durability.

This particular French limestone is extremely hard and durable. The mechanical strength of the stone and its resistance to pollution makes this authentic French gem an ideal contemporary architectural material.

Crafted in warm neutral tones, the fireplace mantel features beautiful creamy white colors. The natural tones on this limestone custom fireplace mantel will compliment any other colors in your home’s interior. The colors also work wonderfully well with other decorative elements in any other color.

The stone used here has a natural variation of tones which imparts positively on the stone’s prized natural character. This limestone custom fireplace mantel is the perfect accent for your living room or any other space in your luxury home where you would love to have an elegant fireplace. It is an elegant accent for an elegant custom built home.

This limestone custom fireplace mantel features a simple flushed hearth. The hearth delivers the requisite support to the mantel’s twin pillars. The pillars like the rest of the mantel are hand carved in creamy white French limestone. The under mantel and the over mantel bring to bear great craftsmanship. The two parts of the limestone custom fireplace mantel are elegantly designed with fine hand carved patterns and designs. The under mantel is rather simple with lovely patterns running all the way to the over mantel.

The design is in a polished finish for a more classic look. The polished finish also delivers a rustic feel in your custom built home. A combination of finishes can be used to bring your space to life.

This French limestone custom fireplace mantel comes in an overall size of (W X H) 68” X 57” an opening size of 43” X 43”. Other custom sizes which address the needs of your custom built home can also be provided. The versatility of French limestone gives our designers a very creative palette to suit any kind of style that you may want.

You can also have this marvelous stone fireplace mantel designed in a different natural stone including the elegant Italian limestone and the lovely Spanish limestone. For more information about the marvelous Vichy Limestone Custom Fireplace Mantel, kindly get in touch with us at 1-888-272-0630.


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Overall Size: (W X H) 68"X57"Opening Size: (W X H)43"X43"

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