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Antique 302 French Louis Marble Mantel

french louis marble mantel
French Louis Marble Mantel Antique 302 French Louis Marble Mantel will not only support your image. These lovely mantel designs simply say welcome in a more powerful and subtle manner. The mantels’ powerful white tones will make the space in your luxurious living room appear larger. The tones offer a...
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Antique 303 Gothic Limestone Mantels Design

Gothic Limestone Mantels
Gothic Limestone Mantels Design This imposing mantelpiece is Old French gothic limestone mantels and designed to have an authentic antique look to it brings a new kind of beauty to your great room. You can design this limestone mantel to have an over mantle or a hearth depending on your choice....
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Antique 307 Gothic limestone Fireplace Mantels

limestone Fireplace Mantels
Gothic limestone Fireplace Mantels limestone Fireplace mantels have some unique benefits that they provide in custom built homes. Antique 307 Gothic Limestone Mantel is one of the most magnificent limestone mantels that you can get. This product brings with it the benefits that come with limestone mantels plus a host...
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Antique 308 Custom Marble Mantel design

Custom Marble Mantel Design
Custom Marble Mantel Design This custom marble mantel surround of a royal family castle is an elegant piece of art. The stone can be changed to polished or honed finish Old Italian marble to bring an ultimate antique look to your atmosphere. With the precise carving of our artist, you...
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Antique 306 Marble Mantel

marble mantel
Antique 306 Marble Mantel Are you looking for an ornately decorated fireplace mantel fit your custom built home? The Antique 306 marble mantel is a priceless ornate piece that offers a ready feast for your eyes. There is no doubt about the quality of this fireplace mantel. The mantel is...
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Antique 305 Marble Mantels Design

marble mantels
Marble Mantels Design Antique 305 is an Italian marble mantel reproduction of the 18th century Louis XV. The precise carvings on the shelf help show the beauty of the marble mantels. The shelf has a unique design to display the meaning of nature with the flowers rising up from the...
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Antique 304 Louis XVI Marble French Fireplace Mantel

marble french fireplace mantel
Marble French Fireplace Mantel This marvelous antique Marble French Fireplace Mantel is from the 18th century British Royal Family Castle. This exquisite Old French Marble is the key to the antique look of this mantel. On the frieze is where your family motto can be carved and have a design or...
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