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Antique 305 Marble Mantels Design

Marble Mantels Design

Antique 305 is an Italian marble mantel reproduction of the 18th century Louis XV. The precise carvings on the shelf help show the beauty of the marble mantels. The shelf has a unique design to display the meaning of nature with the flowers rising up from the middle of the frieze. With the thick shelf edges enhance the frieze beauty. The rigid tiger stripes are beautiful in every way and show that 2 different colors can be alike. The legs define the fireplace mantel as they are gorgeous to look at and support the mantle itself. Though this mantel may look heavy but is carved out from the back so it will not ruin your wonderful hardwood floor. The script carvings on the side of the legs are true beauty and show the antique history of this Old Italian marble fireplace mantle. On one side of the return is a cavity carved molding and in the middle is a bronze or brass plated draft to let in the air and suck out some as well. Under the mantle you can place a step raised hearth too. You can place an electric, gas or wood burning fireplace inside the marble mantels or add an over mantle if you desire.

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Overall Size:65"X47"Opening Size: 39"X34"

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14 Weeks
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