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Antique 304 Louis XVI Marble French Fireplace Mantel

Marble French Fireplace Mantel

This marvelous antique Marble French Fireplace Mantel is from the 18th century British Royal Family Castle. This exquisite Old French Marble is the key to the antique look of this mantel. On the frieze is where your family motto can be carved and have a design or border around it. On the frieze are the carved ropes of leaves to show the meaning and beauty of this Victorian design mantle. Some leaves can represent a member of your family and have their names carved above the rope. During Christmas season keep the spirit alive by hanging stockings from the mantel shelf, or decorating your mantle. On each side of the frieze is a hand craved stone ornament. The legs of this Marble French Fireplace Mantel are hand carved and have a foliate design coming down the mantle. The leaves represent trust and wisdom, but they are also there to show nature. Each leg supports parts of your mantel and the weight. On the mantel corbel are hand carved stripes with the same stone, which run down your mantle legs for focus. Around the firebox, for the surround is a bronze plated metal ornament for extra protection of your mantle. This bronze plated metal ornament can be ordered separately in your order. Under the mantle you can place a hearth if you wish so that the heat of your fireplace does not ruin the beauty of your hard wood floor. You can also change the stone and customize this mantle

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Overall Size:65"X47"Opening Size: 42"X38"

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14 Weeks
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