Gothic Limestone Mantels in New York Marvelous Marble

Antique 303 Gothic Limestone Mantels Design

Gothic Limestone Mantels Design

This imposing mantelpiece is Old French gothic limestone mantels and designed to have an authentic antique look to it brings a new kind of beauty to your great room. You can design this limestone mantel to have an over mantle or a hearth depending on your choice. You can also change the stone or parts of the design to your style. The frieze of this fireplace mantel has a castle design to it and two towers, one on each side with the design running through the towers.

The frieze has five little family logo ornaments that have been hand carved to be precise and beautiful. The surround is an archway, which has two shields, one on each side. Theses shields represent strength, power, and protection of the limestone mantel. The foliate archway brings the gothic feeling to the unit and shows the nature of this piece. The legs are shaped into towers and have the ultimate castle design to it. The legs are unique and elegant because of the rest of the design and the beauty of a Sir Charles Berry mantelpiece. The stone has a color that makes it look antique and old to look at, but the focal point of this piece. The color can be changed and have a different design. You can place a raised or step stone hearth to protect your wood floor from the heat.

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Overall Size:87"X62"Opening Size: 47"X40"

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14 Weeks
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