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Antique 307 Gothic limestone Fireplace Mantels

Gothic limestone Fireplace Mantels

limestone Fireplace mantels have some unique benefits that they provide in custom built homes. Antique 307 Gothic Limestone Mantel is one of the most magnificent limestone mantels that you can get. This product brings with it the benefits that come with limestone mantels plus a host of many unique ones, exclusive to the product.

Antique 307 Gothic Limestone Mantel is an authentic period fireplace mantel design. This particular fireplace mantel is made from fine, genuine, solid, natural french limestone, with hand finished craftsmanship to provide extraordinary elegance. The french limestone from which the piece is carved from offers a durable masterpiece for your custom built home. If longevity is what you’re looking for, then you have in this marvelous antique french limestone mantel.

beige is regarded as a power color and it can easily be fused with a variety of cool colors. Mix the beige on the antique 307 Gothic Limestone Mantel with different tones of beige ornate décor in your custom built home. Mixing the cream with décor in different tones of beige will result in a clearly elegant finish. You can play around with different types of art décor place on top of the mantelshelf. Bold bright colors on the mantel are a good choice too for decorating your palatial home.

When mixing the colors ensure that if you are using any shades of grey then, they are saturated and deep to avoid creating a somewhat washed out look. The limestone Fireplace mantels are unique with its naturally occurring veining and subtle tonal differences. One of the most outstanding attributes about the beige on this classic design is that it does not fade easily. The high quality french limestone just like certain premier fabrics does not fade easily. The stone on one hand is soft and porous while on the other it is able to withstand the heat generated by the burning logs in your fireplace. The color will not change because of the heat. This means that the product’s elegance will be there with you as the stone ages gracefully.

This stylish mantel can be installed in the living room or dining room to add an elegant and gothic feel to your palatial home making it more welcoming and open to guests. The marvelous Antique 307’s overall standard size is 90” X 70” with an opening size of 55” X 44”. To learn more about the Antique 307 Gothic Limestone Mantel and how you can use it effectively in your custom built home and customization options, visit Marvelous Marble Design, Inc.


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Overall Size:90"X70"Opening Size: 55"X44"

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14 Weeks
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