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Antique 308 Custom Marble Mantel design

Custom Marble Mantel Design

This custom marble mantel surround of a royal family castle is an elegant piece of art. The stone can be changed to polished or honed finish Old Italian marble to bring an ultimate antique look to your atmosphere. With the precise carving of our artist, you will not believe yourself. All the carvings on the marble mantel complement each other in every way possible because the designs are so vivid. The frieze of this piece is the eye catching piece of this fireplace mantel because most of the elegance and beauty is there. The legs are like 2 columns but with more expression and feeling to them. The way that they are separated into 2 pieces with the design itself, is just astounding because you can tell the difference between the beauties of each part of the leg. The floral designs on the top part of the leg are just gorgeous due to the fact that the design fits together well. The side of each leg is a design that follows the same curriculum as the rest of the design. This design can be thin cast so it will not weight much to ruin your floor. The mantle of this piece can be used as a shelf. During the Christmas season you can bring the festive feeling home with you by hanging stockings and decorating your antique limestone or marble mantle. This marble mantel would look great in your custom built mansion in Palm Beach or New York.

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Approximate Dimensions

Overall Size:92"X73"Opening Size: 64"X54"

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14 Weeks
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