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Antique 302 French Louis Marble Mantel

French Louis Marble Mantel

Antique 302 French Louis Marble Mantel will not only support your image. These lovely mantel designs simply say welcome in a more powerful and subtle manner. The mantels’ powerful white tones will make the space in your luxurious living room appear larger. The tones offer a reflective quality which is great as it supports natural lighting. This is something that is worth your consideration given that we are all going green.

Antique 302 is a masterpiece that is carved from the best Italian marble. The design on the pieces and the marble bring together the best in international art. Even the likes of the great Gustave Eiffel would be proud of this masterpiece. The details on the mantels are as clear as elemental diamond. The detail is aptly complimented by the stone’s veining to complete these French style mantels’ allure.

Antique 302 Marble French style mantels are designed to purposely create a unique and amazing focal point in your custom luxury built home in California. The French style mantels will make the room in which they are installed the perfect backdrop for romance. The pillars on which the mantels stand on compliment the beauty on the mantels. The pillars are boldly created to provide the right balance for all the other elements on the pieces. These pillars will grace your custom built home with European finesse with their sophisticated patterns and texture.

This French style fireplace mantel masterpiece comes in an overall size of (W X H) 75” X 68” and a fireplace opening size of 42” X 36”. Its sheer size is breathtaking. This marvelous fireplace mantel can also be provided in custom sizes that fit the needs of your custom built home. To learn more about Antique 302 Marble French style Mantels, please call us at 1-888-272-0630.


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Overall Size:75"X48"Opening Size: 42"X36"

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14 weeks
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