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Antique 306 Marble Mantel

Antique 306 Marble Mantel

Are you looking for an ornately decorated fireplace mantel fit your custom built home? The Antique 306 marble mantel is a priceless ornate piece that offers a ready feast for your eyes. There is no doubt about the quality of this fireplace mantel. The mantel is crafted from pure, solid italian marble. The marble used here is purely made available by nature.

The pure magnetism of the marble will be a talking point every time you host people in your luxury home. This outstanding italian marble fireplace mantel will draw the attention of everyone in your custom built home from across any room. The tones and hues on the mantel have been beautifully combined. The mantel combines brass, white marble with black veins. Brass is the extensively used on the under mantel, to create a product befitting royalty.

The details on the mantels have been perfectly chiseled out. The entire design is hand carved. Carving by hand was preferred because it helped bring out the details clearly. This mantel is a dream come true for fine art lovers. The fine florally centered serpentine ornately decorates the mantel’s frieze as the large jambs offer support to all the elements laid on the piece. The jambs are in simple yet elegant design with minimal detail.

The mantel’s design is set in a fascinating classical French design. The piece is elegantly cast with all the fine hairline details of an authentic masterpiece. This marble mantel will bring instantaneous sophistication into your custom built home. With its elegantly polished finish, Antique 306 is quite radiant. The polished finish also makes care and maintenance of the mantel easy. Swipe using a clean piece of cotton cloth should do the trick.

This classical French styled fireplace mantel masterpiece comes in an overall size of (W X H) 75” X 50” and a fireplace opening size of 46” X 38”. Its imposing size is breathtaking. This beautiful fireplace mantel can also be provided in custom sizes just for your luxury home. If it is the colors that you want to be changed, that can be arranged. To learn more about Antique 306 Marble mantel, please call us at 1-888-272-0630.

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Overall Size:75"X50"Opening Size: 46"X38"

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14 Weeks