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SOLARIS Cast Limestone Modern Electric Fireplace

The unique design of Solaris condo fireplace unit makes it difficult not to look at it. Its elegant beauty brings out the best in your apartment. Its light weight design will not ruin your floor and can look great without weighing much. Its vent free design lets you place the...
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HOLLYWOOD Stone Condo Wall Unit Fireplace

This limestone fireplace wall unit is a favorite for home designers in Hollywood California. The wavy design brings a natural feeling to the atmosphere. The wave of the unit helps bring a focus point to the room or space that this unit is placed in. its vent free design help...
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ADELAIDE Limestone Condo Wall Unit Fireplace

Adelaide contemporary design fireplace can be placed in the middle of your penthouse. This eye catching design is an electrical fireplace with a vent to let the heat out of this beautiful piece. The tapered surround follows the design of the sections to bring an all natural look to the...
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SELENE Limestone Condo Wall Unit Fireplace

Selene wall mounted Condo or loft limestone fireplace can be customized to fit your ceiling height. It is an alcohol burning fireplace that runs for 3 to 4 hours. The alcohol containers are refillable. The alcohol containers are placed on the sand glass. Our masonry works so hard to bring...
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ROXBOROUGH Limestone Loft Gel Fireplace

Roxborough is a New York style wall mounted fireplace mantel unit. It is constructed of limestone and can look like concrete to bring an ultimate modern feeling to your New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas style penthouse. The 3 sections of the fireplace are constructed so well by our masonry...
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RICHMOND Limestone Condo Electric Fireplace

Richmond is a 3 section limestone fireplace vent free wall unit for penthouses in L.A. The sections of the unit are so well carved to fit your exact measures that you could not know it comes in 3 sections. It is designed to have a concrete look to it to...
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