Limestone Condo and penthouse Fireplace Mantel | New York | Chicago

ADELAIDE Limestone Condo Wall Unit Fireplace

Adelaide contemporary design fireplace can be placed in the middle of your penthouse. This eye catching design is an electrical fireplace with a vent to let the heat out of this beautiful piece. The tapered surround follows the design of the sections to bring an all natural look to the fireplace. You can add an LCD TV in the middle of your fireplace. To make the TV flush with your fireplace sections, we carve a cavity. This fireplace can be made of limestone or marble and can be a way of nature in your home. The many sections of this fireplace are so well put together that they can precisely fit your ceiling height to the exact amount. Each section can be 1 to 2 ft. By adding your own style to the fireplace, you can bring a one of a kind warm feeling to your apartment. This fireplace can have a ceiling range of 8 ft to 12 ft. This fireplace can be a 2 story fireplace. We can fit any size LCD TV in your fireplace with your order. The back ground in the electric fireplace looks so real and natural that you would not be able to tell the difference. You can have a great difference in your home with this exquisite modern design fireplace.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: W X D X H 60"-75"X12"-16"X96"-120"

weight Approx 50Lb per section (2section for 8ft ceiling)

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Lead Time

six weeks