Limestone Condo and Loft Fireplace Mantel | Vancouver | New York

ROXBOROUGH Limestone Loft Gel Fireplace

Roxborough is a New York style wall mounted fireplace mantel unit. It is constructed of limestone and can look like concrete to bring an ultimate modern feeling to your New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas style penthouse. The 3 sections of the fireplace are constructed so well by our masonry that the precision of the fireplace is just one of a kind. It is an alcohol burning fireplace. The alcohol containers are refillable and run up to 4 hours. The stainless steel back plate has a gorgeous reflection of the alcohol fire. The fire is at the bottom of the fireplace to bring warmth that travels throughout your entire apartment. You could place an LCD TV or painting over the fire to bring your own sense of style to the unit. At the bottom of the unit, is a hearth shaped design stone piece to complete your room and balanced the design. The sand glass or rock glass that the alcohol containers are placed on looks exquisite to anyone who sees it. The break proof glass around the fire is separate. But with the glass, you will have an ultimate protection from the heat. This can be placed on a wall or in the middle of your room with no trouble, since it is vent free.

Product Specifications

Approximate Dimensions
Size: W X D X H 66"X10"X96"-120"weight Approx 50Lb/section (2section for 8ft)+50Lb firebox

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Lead Time

six Weeks