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SELENE Limestone Condo Wall Unit Fireplace

Selene wall mounted Condo or loft limestone fireplace can be customized to fit your ceiling height. It is an alcohol burning fireplace that runs for 3 to 4 hours. The alcohol containers are refillable. The alcohol containers are placed on the sand glass. Our masonry works so hard to bring you quality, that you can recognize it in this picture. Each section is separate, but on this fireplace, it is as if the entire fireplace is one piece. The tapered surround make the fireplace look better. For more protection, you could order the protective glass. The glass would look great with your fireplace, and give your entire limestone fireplace, protection from the heat. The back plate is stainless steel and gives you a beautiful reflection of the burning alcohol. The burning alcohol looks as if it were a real fire. Selene has a tapered surround. The fireplace fits in only one section. Every section can be 2 ft. high. The width of this fireplace is 1ft. The fireplace is in the middle of the wall unit. In front of the fireplace can be a couch, so you and your family can snuggle and keep warm during the winters. All of our condo fireplaces are vent free, so you don

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: W X D X H 64"X8"X96"-120"

weight Approx 50Lb/section (2section for 8ft)+50Lb firebox

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Lead Time

six weeks