Limestone Condo Alcohol or electric Fireplace | Chicago | Toronto

HOLLYWOOD Stone Condo Wall Unit Fireplace

This limestone fireplace wall unit is a favorite for home designers in Hollywood California. The wavy design brings a natural feeling to the atmosphere. The wave of the unit helps bring a focus point to the room or space that this unit is placed in. its vent free design help you save the trouble of having pipes put up and is easily turned on. The electric fireplace natural makes the space feel and look cozy to anyone who enters the space. During Christmas Time you do not have to go and chop up firewood, with its fake firewood you can stay nice and warm in your apartment. The wall unit has a cavity so that your LCD TV flushes with the rest of the fireplace unit. The LCD TV can be moved so it will fit your personal needs. The height of the unit can be customized to fit your ceiling height range perfectly. You can design this fireplace wall unit by making it a custom order. The stone can be changed to cream marfil marble or any other natural limestone or marble. The limestone has been designed carefully to look as if it were concrete to bring the most contemporary design to your condo. The vent over the firebox is so that there is not so much heat coming out of the firebox, but just the right amount. This limestone condo fireplace wall mounted unit would look great in your custom designed penthouse apartment.

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