Limestone Condo electric Fireplace Mantel | Manhattan | New York

SOLARIS Cast Limestone Modern Electric Fireplace

The unique design of Solaris condo fireplace unit makes it difficult not to look at it. Its elegant beauty brings out the best in your apartment. Its light weight design will not ruin your floor and can look great without weighing much. Its vent free design lets you place the unit anywhere in your condominium, but cannot be moved after installation. The alcohol burning firebox is eco-friendly. The alcohol containers can be reused several times after being thrown out. One alcohol container burns for 4 hours straight. This mantel consists of 3 sections, but can be made custom to fit your ceiling range height. The 2 large sections are 4 ft each and middle section is 1ft. Under the alcohol container is stainless steel, but can be changed to sand glass. The stainless steel back plate gives a beautiful reflection of the alcohol fire, and doubles the size of the alcohol fire, so it looks like you have a cavity in your wall for this firebox. The vent free design makes it easier for you, because you do not have to get someone to put up an air vent in your condo. The glass around the firebox is for protection, but is separately ordered. This pent house fireplace wall unit can be the focal point of your loft in Las Vegas, New York. You can design this unit by adding your own touch to it. An LCD TV would look great on top of the firebox and will bring your family together.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: W X D X H 66"X10"X96"-120"

weight Approx 50Lb/section (2section for 8ft)+50Lb firebox

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Lead Time

Six Weeks