custom carved Marble Fountains in California

16ft Carved Marble Fountains

A wonderfully carved 16ft marble fountains is the focal point of your luxury garden in Florida. The elegant carvings and design brings out the beauty of your garden in a whole new way. With an entirely unique design and a state of the art water pump, this piece will bring out the best your garden has to offer. You can place this fountain in the middle of your driveway, or in your front or back yard. This piece has many statues, such as horses, a fishes, and an angle at the top. You can have the angel holding a fish so water can come out of the fish mouth as well. This is a 2 stage fountain. The water from the top flows down to the bottom. The base is always filled with water. You can add colored lights and controllable music to the fountain. The colored lights would be placed on the bottom of the base, so that the color shines upward through the water. Statues can be added or eliminated. The outside of the base has a floral design. The fountain base will come in separate pieces, but be installed as one. Under the base is a concrete foundation for support and strength. This fountain consists of marble to bring a new shine to your home in Los Angeles.

Product Specifications

Approximate Dimensions

Overall Size: (W X H ) 20 ft X 10 ft

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Lead Time

20 weeks
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