custom Marble Fountains in driveway in Texas

Brown Marble Fountains

Have you ever dreamed of having a piece of art in your luxury garden? Well now you can with our help. This unique marble fountains is the key to your gardens natural beauty. By having a 3 stage watering design starting from the top, you can see the pureness of the water and design. The top of the fountain is a statue of the Roman Goddess of trust protecting her daughter from all evil. She is holding a vase and the water is coming out from there. You can add or eliminate ornaments or pieces in your order. The water from this fountain comes from the bottom of the stage and squirts out in an upward motion. This happens for all 3 stages. After the water goes down the middle and into a pump so it can be squirted out again. The base is always filled with water and the top stage can be a bird bath. Around the outside of the base are floral designs and the base comes in several pieces. To secure the base, there is a concrete fountain. You can place this fountain in the middle of your round drive way or in your back or front yard. This piece can be placed anywhere and still be able to stand out from the rest of the beauty of your garden. You can change the stone of this fountain in your order and the design can be customized to fit your dreams.

Product Specifications

Approximate Dimensions
Overall Size: (W X H ) 48"X 84"

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Lead Time

16 Weeks