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Antique 310 Custom limestone Gothic mantel

Custom Limestone Gothic Mantel

The antique 310 custom limestone gothic mantel is a hand chiseled French limestone mantel. The fireplace mantel is complete with a hand carved finish. The French limestone gives the mantel a breath of fresh air. The stone is dense and hardy. 

Antique 310 custom limestone gothic mantel is an exceptional example of a  gothic mantel. It is an embodiment of sculptural excellence. It admirably captures all your senses with its medieval gothic architecture. The carved motifs on this limestone mantel are inspired by Gothic tracery. It includes a wealth of gothic architectural detail and features. One of the most visible elements of Gothic architecture on this beautiful mantel is the pointed arched opening. 

Its old age charm will fill even inch of your palatial home. The old age charm is reminiscent of mantels from the 14th century – certainly a classical style in your modern high end home. This is something that you will cherish. Gothic architectural elements are appreciated around the world by people who appreciate good things in life. This particular limestone mantel is a piece that shows tons of great art work. 

With a generously scaled conforming frieze just above the arched opening, the mantel also includes a breakfront mantel shelf. The mantel shelf gives you space for the display of your treasured pieces of art. The elegant simplicity of this mantel makes it a good choice for your custom built home’s interior. 

The mantel is filled with warmth and delivers exceptional comfort. This French limestone Gothic mantel will become the focal point and breath taker in your custom designed home. You can install it in any room of your choice. If you want to create a more impressive outlook, you can pair it with an over mantel. An adjustable over mantel with gothic tracery offers the most suitable complement. 

This French limestone mantel in Gothic architecture is available in an overall size of (W X H) 68" X 54" and an opening size of (W X H) 42" X 42". But then, you can still have it in any custom size of your liking. This beautiful handmade mantel can also be carved for you out of Italian limestone, Italian marble or any other natural stone of your choice. To learn more about the Antique 310 custom limestone gothic mantel, please don’t hesitate to call our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

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Overall Size: (W X H) 68"X54"Opening Size: (W X H)42"X42"

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