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Antique 317 French Style Marble Mantel

French Style Marble Mantel

The Antique 317 French style marble mantel is as distinct as French fashion. This is due to the French influence on the design. The mantel’s French influence is seen in its decorations and proportions – which are lower and deeper. 

Antique 317 is a 19th century French Versailles inspired masterpiece. The mantel’s French style is greatly enhanced by the Italian marble it is crafted from. This French style marble mantel is crafted from the most beautiful and rare Italian marble Bianco Carrara. This is one of the most powerful luxury products that Marvelous Marble Design is offering to the designer universe. In pristine white, the mantel offers an heavenly feel. 

The fireplace mantel offers a generous height and depth for your firebox – a priceless feature for your firebox. The frieze is supported by corbelled pilasters. The mantel seems to encompass the entire firebox with its sensuous curves and shapely jambs. Its lavish scrolled base and a host of many other details lighten this sophisticated curvaceous piece.   

The mantel does not feature a sharp corner; neither does it have more than two straight lines. It is a magnificent example of classy, high end French mantels. What will this mantel do for my home? You may ask. Well it will create an atmosphere of luxurious comfort. With its delicate floral patterns this is going to be an area of interest in your home. The absence of sharp corners provides your home with a safety environment for children to play. 

The French style mantel is available in an overall size of (W X H) 67" X 50" and an opening Size of (W X H) 48" X 36". But you can have it in any custom size that you want to enable it to fit effortlessly in your space. You can also have this powerful mantel delicately crafted just for you from a different natural stone including but not limited to Italian limestone, Spanish marble and French limestone. 

Because we are passionate about history and art you will take from us much more than a beautiful piece of art. We will enable you to learn, understand and appreciate the context in which our lovely pieces were created. To learn more about the Antique 317 French style marble mantel, give us a call at 1-888-272-0630.

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Overall Size: (W X H) 67"X50"fireplace opening Size: (W X H)48"X36"

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