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Custom Antique 322 Marble French Mantel

Custom Marble French Mantel

The Custom Marble French Mantel is a crucial, yet typical masterpiece that brings sophisticated style to your living room. The splendid profile of this great piece of art is dazzling and appealing to the eye, which is why most homeowners install it in their living rooms where guests are likely to see. It also transitions satisfactorily into other important spaces such as bedrooms, courtesy of its natural neutral colors. The mantel comes in a smooth white marble texture, which complements a variety of other interior décor elements. 

Irrespective of the room you plan to install this piece of art, you can rest assured that it will stand out as the focal point. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your fireplace is decorated with a beautiful mantel that will keep your guests entertained. Thankfully, this French design fireplace marble mantel is designed to complement a variety of spaces and existing fittings. The craftsman who created this masterpiece went took time to choose the right design, materials, and patterns. That’s why the end product is able to command attention without making the room appear out of place. Many homeowners have come to appreciate the fact that a fireplace mantel has to have the right accessories and arrangement for it achieve the intend purpose. The designer of this mantel has followed the same trick.

Imitating the classical French fireplace mantel, this piece of art displays rustic elegance that every modern homeowner desires to have. The creative designs across the frieze suggest the century-old patina as seen in the ancient fortresses and places of the high and mighty. It’s a perfect way to uplift your interior style. What’s more, you can take advantage of its versatility to decorate different parts of your house. While this type of fireplace mantel was previously common in living rooms, now it can be in almost every room including the bedroom and poolside patio. It is a simple, yet perfect way to create a lasting impression in your house.  

You do not have to worry about the cost of replacing your fireplace whenever you want to change the interior design of your house since this type of French design fireplace mantel can go well with almost any type of décor. Its white color enables it to retain its clean look, thus requiring minimal service and maintenance. If you are looking for a mantel that will stand up to all kinds of damage, then antique 322 French design marble fireplace mantel is your ideal choice. 

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