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QUEEN French Limestone Mantel

The Queen is french limestone mantel that is hand carved with an over mantle. Around the wood or gas burning fireplace is a trim; the trim consists of limestone or marble. The stone has been imported from Italy. The raised step hearth is made custom, to fit your living room perfectly. The mantle is in three parts when you order it, but with the precise measuring and carvings done by our masonry, when you install the limestone mantle, you would not be able to tell. On either side of the mantle is a door, around the door is a door surround made of custom stone. The over mantle can have a ceiling range from 9 to12 ft. The over mantle has many floral designs carved in and on the over mantle. In the middle of the over mantel is a picture frame molding around the carving that dense the inside of the mantle. On the top of the over mantle is the crown molding. The legs of the mantel are just gorgeous because of the floral and leave design. Everything on the mantel completes each other. The Queen is a hollow over mantle and mantel, so it will not ruin your wood floor

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