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Antique 316 Italian Marble Mantel

Italian Marble Mantel

Antique 316 Italian Marble Mantel encapsulates not only the extraordinary elegance of Italian marble, but also the essence of natural stone itself. This mantel is crafted from rustic Italian marble with a unique texture and color. The colors and texture of the marble will definitely impress you and your visitors. This impressive Italian marble is one of the few natural products which work so well as décor accessories. The stone provides a great way to decorate interiors and exteriors by providing a real old century style classical beauty and elegance.

If you are considering color, texture and patterns for your home, this luxurious stone offers all these and much more. This particular piece includes tones of Rojo Alicante. Rojo Alicante tones are found on the mantel shelf, the pillars, and the Hearth. The sturdy pillars on the piece offer the right balance and support to the overall weight of the product. The pillars are elegantly designed with several highly sophisticated designs on them. With each pillar featuring unique ornate designs as well. The under mantel on the other hand has several linear patterns that run horizontally.

With a honed finish the piece is very resistant to scratches. This honed antique Italian marble mantel can be installed in your custom designed library in your mansion in California.

Antique 316 Italian Marble mantel will help you add a fine color palette while supporting your expression of style. Rojo Alicante is aptly complimented by brass in various shapes and patterns. The brass adds a dramatic effect to the product. For an even more enchanting effect in your custom built home you can add an over mantel to this beautiful piece.

This uniquely elegant masterpiece comes in an overall size of (W X H) 78” X 55” and a fireplace opening size of 56” X 42”. Additionally the marvelous fireplace mantel can also be provided in custom sizes that fit the needs of your custom built home. To learn more about Antique 316 Italian Marble Mantel, please call us at 1-888-272-0630.

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Overall Size: (W X H) 78"X55"fireplace opening Size: (W X H)56"X42"

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