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Antique 318 italian Limestone Mantel

Italian Limestone Mantel

Antique 318 Italian limestone mantel is a masterpiece that is very well hand carved from the finest Italian limestone. The Italian limestone from which this particular piece is carved from is the best in its range. The limestone is rather sturdy, laden with strength to deliver a long lasting product. This particular Italian limestone fireplace mantel is sure to outlive several family generations.

The fireplace mantel is a work of the most innovative artists on the scene in North America. Carving the natural stone was only possible because of the exceptional skills that the craftsmen possessed. Each touch resulted in a more detailed product. The fine touches on the stone are well brought out in the stone’s honed finish. Honing is a finish that offers a unique texture to the overall product’s cream white color. This finish delivers an aesthetically appealing product that is also resistant to scratches. The finish beautifully camouflages fingerprints and spills.

The Antique 318 Italian limestone mantel is a very detailed piece that offers insights into old age architecture and artwork. This magnificent piece combines old age charm with contemporary artwork. The sound of the two worlds being combined seems like a strange combination, but then both elements have been subtly subdued to create one of the greatest imaginative designs ever created. The sweetness of contemporary artwork surprisingly goes down very well with the froth of old age architecture. It is really quaint.

If you are a fun of cartoon characters, you will easily get to wrap your mind around the lovely designs on this masterpiece. Antique 318 Italian limestone fireplace mantel can be installed in any custom designed room including the living room to add a great deal of detail and offer a new focal point. The simple tonal differences on the stone help extend the space visually. The result of this is that the room gets to feel larger whilst adding a touch of elegance and classical styling in your luxury home.

This uniquely Italian limestone fireplace mantel masterpiece comes in an overall size of 76” X 68” (W X H) and a fireplace opening size of 42” X 44”(W X H). This marvelous fireplace mantel can also be provided in custom sizes that fit the needs of your custom built home. Additionally the natural stone can be altered to fit your choice of natural stone. To learn more about Antique 318 Italian limestone fireplace mantel, please call us at 1-888-272-0630.


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Overall Size: (W X H) 76"X68"fireplace opening Size: (W X H)42"X44"

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