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Antique 309 Gothic Limestone Mantel

Gothic Limestone Mantel With Over Mantel

A simple fireplace mantel may not sound like the ideal thing for your custom built home in California. What you need is a mantel that will fit in your decorating scheme. Something more versatile and different is all that you need in your custom built home. Take a look at the Antique 309 Gothic limestone mantel. What do you see? Is it any different from what you have been used to? Do you like it? 

Much to the delight of many discerning custom built home owners, this mantel is different from other types of mantels. The mantel is complete with a towering crest. The crest fireplace mantel surround is lightweight with modern design elements. The natural look of limestone is maintained throughout the entire design. Because the structure is lightweight it is easy to handle and install.

Made from French limestone, this mantel with crest has a hard wearing yet elegant shine. The vanilla white color brings to mind – a scoop of French vanilla. Trust me you can almost smell the sugar in it. The color is going to give your interior a fashionable low sheen finish with a beautiful rich touch. 

Colors do not just define your personality, you can use them to effectively create the right atmosphere in your space. The vanilla white tones on this natural stone are easy to use to create a calm atmosphere. This beautiful color has a calming effect to it. You will definitely love the calm surrounding created by this charming mantel. 

Antique 309 Gothic limestone mantel brings a contemporary and to a large extend a period feel into your luxury home. In addition this mantel gives you a durable and washable product which makes it really easy for you to remove troublesome marks and stains. You can match this mantel with facing stone and/or additional stone panels for the walls around your elegant fireplace. 

With an overall size of 72” X 108” and an opening size of 48” X 42”, the limestone mantel is quite large to capture your interest from anywhere in your home. However, not to worry, this mantel can also be provided to you in any custom size. Even the crest on this mantel can be modified and customized to make it your family crest. For more information about the Antique 309 Gothic limestone mantel, please contact our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

Product Specifications

Approximate Dimensions

Overall Size: (W X H) 72"X108"

Opening Size: (W X H)48"X42"

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12 Weeks