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Antique 315 hand carved Italian limestone fireplace mantel

Hand Carved Italian limestone Fireplace Mantel

The elegant Antique 315 hand carved Italian limestone fireplace mantel is evidently unique. It had to be Italian limestone; anything else would have fallen short of the required standards. The Italian marble used here is the best in the world. It offers you with the very best natural stone that Italy has to offer. It is also one of the most loved natural stones. If you love little details on natural products, this stone offers these in its veining and tonal differences.

The limestone features a nice tone of white. White is one of the most appealing colors in luxurious homes. The color is safe as it goes with almost any art décor in the house. The color is practical yet mysterious. White is a color that allows you to make whatever statement that you want with ease. If you want to try out wonderful pairing of colors and décor in your custom built home, install Antique 315 hand carved Italian limestone fireplace mantel.

The under mantel’s design on this elegant fireplace mantel is sophisticated. The sophistication on this part of the mantel is not in color but in carving. The frieze features one of the images which draw awe and admiration all at the same time – fully grown male lions’ heads covered in soft mane. Who said you have to go to Africa to see the lion? The majestic lions seem to be at peace with the surrounding. The heads have been carefully placed on the extreme ends of the under mantel.

Legs’ design combines European architecture with North American architecture. The legs are a manifestation of strength. They are carved in to deliver maximum support to the all structure. The artful old Italian class with today’s new sophistication will add a glamorous feel around your home.

This uniquely Italian limestone fireplace mantel masterpiece comes in an overall size of (W X H) 80” X 60” and a fireplace opening size of 48” X 42”. Additionally the marvelous fireplace mantel can also be provided in custom sizes that fit the needs of your custom built home. To learn more about Antique 315 hand carved Italian limestone fireplace mantel, please call us at 1-888-272-0630.

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Overall Size: (W X H) 80"X60"fireplace opening Size: (W X H)48"X42"

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