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Antique 312 Gothic French Limestone Mantels

Gothic French Limestone Mantels

For very many centuries the mantel was never one of the most ornamental parts of the fireplace. The mantel also referred to as a fireplace mantel, mantelpiece or chimneypiece, then was only designed to help trap the smoke coming from the fireplace. The piece has since then evolved to include decorative framework around the modern fireplace. The French Limestone Mantels includes elaborate designs which can extend to the ceiling of your custom built home.

Antique 312 Gothic French Limestone Mantels are designed to lighten modern luxury homes with old age charm. The mantels are crafted from solid natural French limestone. These particular mantels are a clear reflection of the modern world. These masterpieces are loaded with history; they are nothing close to the nondescript modern fireplace mantels. Antique 312 Gothic French Limestone Mantels bring together Gothic art of medieval art developed in Northern France with modern contemporary art from the Americas.

The gothic French limestone mantels are made from completely pure French limestone in its natural state. Frequently limestone is colored by impurities, but that is not the case with this limestone. The mantels are grayish white in color. The artwork on the mantel is all done by hand. The mantelshelf is quite simple with some amazingly soft edges. On the undermantel the fireplace mantels feature some beautiful patterns that have been chiseled out. The weight of the mantel is aptly supported by the sturdy pillars which look like a giant dog’s paws.

These mantels are designed to create a new focal point in your custom designed high end home. The mantels bring gothic architecture into your space. If you like you can have the mantels in your living room, if that is where the fireplace is. However, this is the kind of art work that you would want to share with friends; it will work best in your living room, dining room or great room. These mantels are sure to add a classic and warm feel in your high end home in New York.

The aesthetical value of the gothic limestone mantels aside, the mantels are also strong and durable. These are some of the items that will outlast any other item that is inside the house. Antique 312 Gothic French Limestone Mantels’ overall size is (W X H) 74” X 58” and opening size of 42” X 42”. These are great artistic products whose practical significance is unmistakable. If you would like to learn more about this lovely gothic architectural marvel, visit Marvelous Marble Design, Inc.



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Overall Size: (W X H) 74"X58"Opening Size: (W X H)42"X42"

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