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MARINO luxury marble floor medallion

luxury marble floor medallion
Marino is a custom water jet cut French Marble floor medallion. Its elegant and French design will make this piece the focal point of any custom built home. The natural stone of this piece can be customized to fit that of your choice, such as Calacatta marble or Carrera marble....
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GALLUCCI bianco carrara marble floor insert

marble floor insert
Perfect for the entryway, Gallucci is a water jet cut Italian Carrara marble floor insert. Its unique design and simple border make this piece the eye catcher in your custom designed entryway, living room, or theatre. Its classic design and beautiful white marble make this piece a great piece to...
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ROSSI marble floor inserts

marble floor inserts
The Spectacle that is ROSSI marble floor inserts Do you want to get rid of the rugs from your custom built luxury home? Rugs can be cool but then there are products that are more suitable for luxury homes! Let the rug get out! Rossi marble floor inserts are wonderful...
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EMILIA Round water jet cut Marble flooring Medallion

Marble flooring Medallion
EMILIA Round water jet cut Marble flooring Medallion Emilia round water jet cut marble flooring medallion is a fine architectural element that is destined to transform your custom built home. This medallion is designed for use in your luxury home. This is a five star product with all the fine...
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STAR 48″ Round waterjet cut star marble medallion

star marble medallion
Star 48 round waterjet cut star marble medallion is a product that is immaculately designed. Finesse is evident in every aspect of the floor medallion. This is an exclusive product that is tailored for the discerning home owner. It is exclusively made in premium Italian marbles. The floor medallion does...
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MOULIN Round Marble Medallions

Round Marble Medallions
This classic beautifully designed floor medallion is water jet cut out of natural Italian marble. The natural stone used can be altered to that of your choice such as Spanish marble or French marble and the type of stone can also be altered so that the colours match your taste...
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FLORENTINE Custom Marble Flooring Designs

custom marble flooring
Florentine Custom Marble Flooring Designs define the epitome of beauty. These floor designs are created with high end home owners in mind. Florentine floor design is crafted from rare types of Italian marbles which ensures the designs are limited to a few exclusive home owners in the world. The flooring...
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PANUNTI Custom Water Jet Cut Marble Flooring Designs

water jet cut marble flooring
What exactly do you want for your custom built home’s flooring? Every discerning home owner appreciates the value of sleek, heavy, easy to clean and long lasting flooring. The Panunti Custom Water Jet Cut Marble Flooring Designs offer these and much more. The floor designs are very elegant. They bring...
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Remax Water jet cut marble logo

water jet cut marble logo
Which is the easiest and most elegant way to enhance the look and feel of my custom built home? This is not a question that I am asking you rather it is a question posed to me by a close friend. I am actually pleased to provide home owners with...
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