Indiana Limestone Square Columns in New York

The Exquisite Portico Indiana Limestone Square Columns

Despite the familiar caution that people living in glass houses should not through stones, it looks like some people still believe high end homes need to include some element of glass to make them complete. But far from it, only the most exclusive natural stones make more impact. You want to make your high end custom built home stand out? Use the most ornate natural stones. There is a lot to say about the use of natural stones in home decoration.

The Portico Indiana Limestone Square Columns is one of the most elegant natural stone products that is exclusively designed to adorn your custom built home. The portico is created from a very versatile and reflective Indiana limestone. The stone on its own can be used in many ways around the home. This exquisite portico comes with its own square columns.

This portico features a truly craftsman style. Adding this portico to your palatial home will create a more inviting entry to your home. The portico is rather wide which will make your home very welcoming. The portico is wide enough for a few chairs. It is a simple sit-in portico.

These columns are going to be the distinguishing mark to your custom built home’s exterior. The Tuscan caps and bases for the columns are decorative. The columns provide a more consistent wall thickness and a smooth surface. Having been artfully carved  with the help of the latest technology, the columns are damage resistant. The same thickness is maintained on each column, assuring you that there are no weak spots. These columns are built to last forever.

The portico is beautifully defined by the square limestone columns. The columns complete the portico’s design. This amazing detach portico is available in a wide range of sizes including custom sizes for custom built homes. This piece is perfect for your custom built home in the serene neighborhoods in New York. In the entire piece no additive or coatings were applied, more evidence of the creativity, originality and elegance of this natural stone product.

Similarly there are no sanding scars or need to sand the columns and the portico. This means, if you want to paint this architectural structure, you won’t have any problems as there is nothing to interfere with paint adhesion. To learn more about the Portico Indiana Limestone Square Columns, call us at 1-888-272-0630.


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