custom indiana limestone entrance design in New York

Indiana Limestone Entrance with Arch

Modern Porticos add all sorts of smaller but certainly essential new features to custom built homes. These Indiana Limestone Entrance are constructed to deliver elegance. They are specifically designed to help create an enchanting atmosphere around the home, ideally made to become the centerpiece outdoors. The Indiana Limestone Portico with Arch is a stunning modern-day portico with a Roman flavor.

This Indiana Limestone entrance is produced from superior quality raw material, sorry, stone, the kind that is used in exceptional institutional cut stone projects. This Indiana Limestone Entrance is the same stone that adorns the Rockefeller center and the Tennessee State Capitol. The Indiana Limestone Entrance is the most durable and fine grained Indiana limestone. Durable, long lasting and beautiful are all terms used to describe this naturally occurring stone. The stone’s distinctive versatility makes it an ideal building material for indoor and outdoor projects.

The Indiana Limestone Portico with Arch brings with it a lovely amount of awesome. This is a work of art that is dedicated to showcasing Indiana limestone’s aesthetic and versatile qualities outdoors. The masterpiece provides exceptional architectural craftsmanship with beautiful decorative enhancements. This welcoming piece of art should be part of your custom built home’s grand entrance.

It will help to refresh your entire space. The portico’s uniqueness is accentuated by two decorative lights. The lights are strategically positioned to help illuminate the entrance at night. The tall columns of each side of the portico on raised podiums add pomp and grandeur. The considerable height makes it easy for taller guests to get into your luxurious home.

Indiana Limestone Portico with Arch is a piece where every detail is thought of. The piece includes an extended portico which ensures that sunlight and other elements do not find their way into your home. Buoyant by the impressive qualities of the raw material used to create it, the portico stands up so well to exposure and adapts amazingly well to the elements.

This beautiful front entrance is surely going to preserve the footprint of your luxury home and reshape it. The design though carved from Indiana limestone, it can also be carved from limestone mined from other regions of the world including the popular and revered Italian limestone. As respected artisans we go out of our way to implement all your ideas in stone. To get more information about the Indiana Limestone entrance with Arch, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-272-0630.

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