indiana limestone cut to size portico and entrance in New York

Custom Portico indiana Limestone Entrance with lights

Your custom built home is a personal establishment that speaks volumes about you and your intent should be to keep it that way. You can give your luxury home a more personalized theme with the Custom Portico Indiana Limestone Entrance with lights.

The Custom Portico Indiana Limestone Entrance with lights is a product that is made from a natural product, Indiana limestone. The stone contains a few distinguishable calcite streaks with open texture streaks. But unlike other limestone rocks mined from other places in the world, the Indiana limestone is a stone that is adaptable to various architectural styles. The calcite streaks and open texture streaks are not in large, noticeable concentrations. The stones used on this custom portico look very similar with no discernable natural patterns.

In light silver gray shades, this masterfully crafted exterior design is made to compliment all other outdoor elements. The lovely shades of light silver mix so well with a flowery outdoor. If on the other hand you would like to have the design in a light creamy shade or something that borders a beautiful brownish buff, that can be done. All these are natural shades of Indiana limestone. All the stones are mined from a single quarry to ensure adequate color control.

This stunning custom made portico will add warmth and style into your luxury home with its neoclassical styling. The piece is style for your Texan styled home. It incorporates the out of this world styling, great masonry, creativity and construction expertise. Everything about the portico is done by hand to ensure greater precision in design and to help enhance the detailing.

Two massive columns in rectangular shape welcome your guests into your posh home. The massive columns serve both aesthetical and functional purposes. At the lower end and upper end of each column a lovely design is engraved. A decorative light which will also illuminate your home is fitted on each column. The decorative lights are perched slightly below the roof for the best viewing angle and illumination. Nothing is too high or too low.

The custom Portico Indiana limestone entrance with lights comes in different sizes including all custom sizes. For a more classy and outstanding finish with a personalized touch you can have your address engraved into the solid stone. For more information about this amazing Indiana limestone product, kindly get in touch with our helpful design experts at 1-888-272-0630.


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