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ROSSETTE Stone Kitchen Hood with the Floral Design

Adding a range hood to your luxurious kitchen is a great way to transform your kitchen and certainly add value to your custom built home. A kitchen range hood is a decorative and functional product that covers the vent system just above your stove. A beautifully crafted stone range hood would in addition to working the aesthetics be the unifying centerpiece in your kitchen. 

The Rossette has its heritage from Poitou-Charentes, in the southern part of France. Its rich heritage comes from the historic period of the 1960s. The rich French heritage is displayed on genuine Italian limestone. Well, this natural stone is rich in character with little veining. It will take microscopic vision to notice the veining. 

The Rossette has a high, wide arched opening that is also made of  limestone. The arched opening keeps this piece in line with your kitchen’s modern look. With a stylish overhood over the ventilation system, this range hood keeps your cooking area clean and refresh. No messy oily stains are going to occupy your space. 

Rossette is fine in elegant sparkling clean yellowish white. The color is just right for you if you treasure comfort and value dignity. Naturally, you would want to have something that jells well with your décor to create the right atmosphere for family moments. 

On the overhood, hand carved vintage floral patterns help create the perfect space for family time. The large classy overhood brings in warmth and grace into your kitchen without overshadowing the other decorative elements. The neutral backsplash gives the designed contrast. It blends all the decorative elements for a seamless result. The unique tones and textures on the other hand make a luxurious statement to create a cohesive family kitchen. 

This French style stone kitchen hood with floral décor is available in a range of custom dimensions. This hood can be made to your specifications. The front of the shelf can be customized just for you. The range hood can be adjusted to fit 8” ceilings and higher. Additionally the range hood can be provided together with a crown of between 2.5 to 7 inches in height. 

If your custom-built luxury home is fitted with a high ceiling, then the Rossette is the best for your kitchen. Complete your custom kitchen with the Rossette, with its gorgeous corbels for the ultimate luxury. To learn more about the Rossette Stone Kitchen Hood with the floral design, get in touch with our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

Product Specifications

48" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:70"
  36" Range or Stove:
Overall width:60"
60" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:90"

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