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Custom carved tile backsplash

If you are looking for a beautiful backsplash design for your custom kitchen, you may want to consider this custom carved tile backsplash. Backsplash tiles generally offer a perfect way for custom-built homeowners to create wonderfully attractive kitchen spaces. 

The custom carved tile backsplash is a lovely modern style backsplash. This will give you a completely new experience, quite different from the tired old boring styles. This particular custom carved tile backsplash will make a definite focal point in your luxury kitchen. However, by painting the walls in the same color as the backsplash, the backsplash can easily fade into the background. 

Nevertheless, this uniquely designed backsplash is crafted from natural stone – limestone, and it works very well in giving your kitchen a more relaxed, cozy feeling. The stone used in making the backsplash matters a lot. Not even piece of stone can enhance your kitchen space perfectly. The French limestone works magic in all types of kitchens. The stone is rather antiqued. 

The stone is durable and elegant. Though easy to work on, the stone it immediately hardens to provide you with a long lasting backsplash. French limestone is great where colorfulness is a required. With its luster, the stone displays its natural beauty in a way that no other stone can. The variations in tone help to give your home natural elegance.  

The custom carved tile backsplash is topped off with a custom floral pattern in the middle. The floral pattern helps to add depth and texture to your kitchen. The beauty in this tumbled backsplash will rub off to all the other elements in your kitchen. The tumbled finish also makes cleaning the backsplash very easy. 

Other finer details on this magnificently hand carved French limestone backsplash include a subtle rustic borderline that runs through the backsplash. The rustic borderline gives you an enhanced visual appeal. 

If you have been looking for something to help you add character and spark interest in your custom kitchen, then this is the right backsplash for you. With its dazzling modern style, it will look amazing in your kitchen as it optimizes the refreshing look in your space to the max. 

Add an element of style and sophistication in your home using this deeply rich colored piece. The backsplash can be made to your specific measurements. To learn more about the custom carved tile backsplash, kindly get in touch with our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

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