Stone Range Hood | Copper Canopy | ANASTASIA Hood

ANASTASIA Stone range Hood & Copper Canopy

Anastasia is a limestone range hood designed for island placement. The range hood is made from Spanish limestone and it beautifully brings to the fore the stone’s elegance. The stone has a bigger than life stature. The stone’s ability to take last for years on end makes it a great building material. Its natural colors are endearing and breathtaking.  

This stately style with a Spanish influence hood will grace your home with class and its high end presence. Anastasia is unique and stylish. The detailing on the limestone is given a lot of attention to create perfection in this masterpiece. Detailing includes graceful lines, which add elegance into your kitchen. 

Handmade crafts offer feature clearer and more elaborate details, it is no different in this stately style stone range hood. This range hood includes smooth circular edges.  As an aesthetical product, the stone range hood with a copper canopy also offers a functional design. This exceptionally designed stone range hood makes a statement about your style. Its architectural flair works seamlessly create a grand cooking area. 

If you are the caring and helpful kind of person, this kitchen range hood will bring out your personality without you uttering a word. The rich dark tones of grayish white and lovely copper will anchor your personality right there in your kitchen. Once installed it will seem as though this piece has always been a part of your luxury kitchen. 

This piece is just perfect for your kitchen in your stately home in New York or chicago. The stone range hood will keep in line with your kitchen’s contemporary or old world aesthetics. Though large in stature, this range hood leaves enough space for your guests to focus some attention to the petite white backsplash. The white backsplash is amazingly revealed between the grand corbels. The backsplash is done in perfect white with lovely bring like patterns. 

The unique and stylish Anastasia stone range hood with a copper canopy will make a bold statement in your kitchen without stealing the show from other pieces of décor. This range hood can be crafted to meet your specific measurements. It is available with optional plinths on which the hood’s columns can rest on. To learn more about Anastasia stone range hood & copper canopy, please don’t hesitate to call our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

Product Specifications

48" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:70"
  36" Range or Stove:
Overall width:60"
60" Range or Stove:
Overall Width:90"

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Lead Time

Six Weeks