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KING Cast Limestone Condo Fireplace

King is a limestone or marble free standing condo fireplace has many great pieces. The frame has a unique design to it because around the firebox is a straight and formal frame, but the outer frame comes out of the straightness and has a wow factor to the entire design. The wave design on the top brings a focal point to the fireplace shelf. It could be a great shelf because the width is extravagant and it is perfect for pictures and anything you would like. The firebox is electrical, but can easily be changed to alcohol. Electric fireplaces have a natural look to them because of the wood and the flame under the wood. The air vent over the firebox lets out just enough heat to warm your living room. The two colors of this fireplace are red and grey, but can be changed. The red section of this fireplace is separate with the rest, and is rested on two metal poles. The measurements can be changed to fit your dream and your space. Its light weight design lets you take the fireplace with you anywhere you move. The vent free design makes the fireplace moveable and light. With this piece you can change the decor of your home every day.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: (W X H X D) 60"X45"X18"

Weight: Approx 85 Lb

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Lead Time

Six Weeks