Limestone Condo and penthouse Fireplace | Calgary | New York | Denver

LOFT Cast Limestone Modern Condo Fireplace

This free standing condo fireplace can be cast limestone or marble. Either design brings a concrete look to the fireplace because of the color. The full frame around the electric fireplace is for protection, safety and look. Its unique design to be vent free allows you to move the unit anywhere in your loft at any time. The light weight design makes the fireplace easy and helpful to you. The size can be customized to fit your home and dream perfectly. Our fabrication is so accurate on their measurements that you will see the difference between your apartment with the fireplace and without the fireplace. This fireplace is electric but can be changed to alcohol. Electric fireplaces still have a classic design to them because of the firebox, but the alcohol fireboxes are all modern design. Its thin cast design helps the fireplace to be light, but does not change the design of it. The two levels of the fireplace are great for shelves and are designed with you in mind. You can add your own flare to this fireplace by making it a custom order. You can also use the shelves as decor for your condo. This contemporary design builds strength in your loft. You can change the colors of this fireplace with your order.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: (W X H X D) 52"X40"X14"

Weight: Approx 70 Lb

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Lead Time

Six Weeks