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MELBOURNE Cast Limestone Modern Condo Fireplace

This design limestone condo fireplace is light weight and can be moved from house to house in a matter of time. You can change the decor of your apartment every day with this light weight and vent free fireplace design. The full frame around the fireplace lets you have a 360 degree protection. This alcohol burning fireplace will not give out a lot of heat, but just the right amount so when you move to a warmer area, you can always use your fireplace. The two decorating side panels on each side of the firebox are great for keeping the warmth in your fireplace and your home. The stainless steel back plate is gives a great reflection of the alcohol fire and keeps the back of your fireplace safe from the heat. The alcohol containers can be refilled and are reusable. They can burn for about 3-4 hours each and will stay strong till the end. The sand glass under and around the alcohol containers are a nice decoration piece for the fireplace. They also bring a shimmer to the fire and the back plate that is new to the design. You can add spotlights over the fireplace unit to bring light to the room and a glow to your unit. The shelf over the firebox is exquisite for designing this fireplace with your own taste and style. You can order your protective glass separately with your order for extreme protection to your fireplace.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: (W X H X D) 50.5"X39.5"X10"

Weight: Approx 70 Lb

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Lead Time

Six Weeks