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CASALOMA Cast Limestone Condo Fireplace

This beautiful cast limestone free standing condo fireplace is a favorite of architects in Seattle, New York and Dallas. The two colors help the fireplace and the room to have a focal point and a stand out piece. You can change the colors and make it a straight one color piece or you can have it as two different colors. The stone side panels are astounding because they give the unit a decor and you can place pictures or candles or just anything for you to have your style in this fireplace. The top of the entire fireplace is just great for a shelf to decorate your home. This fireplace can be alcohol or electric burning and is vent free, so we save you the trouble of hiring a fireplace technician to put up your vent. The alcohol containers are refillable and one full alcohol container will run up to 3-4 hours straight. The sand glass is perfect for this piece because it does not look like you alcohol containers are floating and they cannot be seen from any point because of the sand glass. The stainless steel back plate gives a very nice and beautiful reflection of the entire firebox, the sand glass, the alcohol fire, and the side panel. The back plate doubles the size of your entire fire and looks as if there are 6 alcohol containers instead of 3. Its light weight and vent free design helps you move the free standing fireplace unit anywhere in your apartment, you can even take it with you when you move.

Product Specifications

 Approximate Dimensions

Size: (W X H X D) 60"X28"X11"

Weight: Approx 85 Lb

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Lead Time

Six Weeks