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FANTASTICO Marble Carpet Designs

Fantastico Marble Carpet Designs with a Touch of Simplicity

Custom built homes are built to suit the taste and preferences of their owners. As a home owner I love the marvel that I helped create. Once I get back to my custom built home, I feel at ease and at peace. All the hassles of the day are quickly forgotten. That is essentially the beauty of having a custom built home!

Marble carpet designs are some of the most exquisite adornments that you can include in your space to create the perfect custom built home. The designs are created to help create a relaxed atmosphere around your space. The Fantastico Marble Carpet Designs is a product that is creatively crafted for the foyer or the dining room. The floor design is made from luxurious Italian marbles. The entire piece is hand crafted to deliver fine details that cannot be achieved by machine. For a more precise outline, the Italian marble is water jet cut.

One of the greatest aspects about the Fantastico Marble Carpet Designs is that it can be flushed with your custom built home’s flooring for a completely stunning finish. When flushed the floor design ensures you get a uniquely beautiful floor. Uniqueness is a character that best defines chic and hip. The marble carpet designs’ simple features with water jet cut gives the piece an aura of classical beauty.

The natural stone used delivers a whole new focal point in your custom designed home. The stone’s natural colors blend in perfectly. The marble carpet design includes a blend of natural white on which various designs and patterns are created. A large portion of the design includes elegantly created small shining star shaped patterns in black. Everything is encompassed in a stylish border that is artfully created. At least three borders on different levels are provided to create a sense of largess.

The inner most border lines are crafted in dark tarn. The border line is simple. However, if you would like to have a more intricate design, that can be done for you. The space between the inner border lines and the next border lines is occupied by flowery patterns in light brown. The hues are quite refreshing!

For a custom sized and personalized marble floor design that is uniquely you, visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc. The website is a good resource for anyone who may be interested in getting to learn more about classy, superior quality marble carpet designs.

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