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Butterfly Water Jet cut Marble Flooring Designs

Marble floor designs are continuing to raise the bar and setting higher standards in exquisite flooring. Marble flooring designs help create an iconic image in any space or custom built home where it is installed. Marble floor designs feature some of the most celebrated styles. The styles will make your custom built home shine brighter.

The Butterfly Water jet Cut Marble Flooring Designs stamps a recognizable and unique style that is quite admirable. This beautiful floor design is carefully crafted with the flair of a fashion designer and the ingenuity of an architect. The piece is marvelously beautiful; in this floor design vintage glamour gets to meet the contemporary in fashion.

The Butterfly Water jet Cut Marble Floor Designs is crafted from Bianco Calacatta marble which is glamorous, enchanting and celebrated the world over. Bianco Calacatta marble is precious in every way. The natural stone is mined in some of the world’s renowned mines in Italy. The floor design encompasses the natural look of the stone in its natural white color.

This amazing floor design as the name suggests includes a lovely image of a butterfly. The butterfly is depicted while in motion. The image runs from the front of the design all the way to the back. The butterfly is painted in beautiful white and a light maroon hue. These colors are beautifully laid against the backdrop of beige colored edges. Everything on the floor design is beautifully brought together to create a harmonious piece.

The attention that is offered to detail is impeccable. For detailing the marble was water jet cut to ensure all the fine details are brought out clearly. All the work that went into this piece serves one purpose, to deliver a one of a kind experience and a superior product.

The versatility of the floor design allows you to use this design anywhere in the house including the living room, kitchen, bedroom and the theater room. Butterfly Water jet Cut Marble Floor Designs ultimately delivers a fun and relaxed atmosphere that is needed in any welcoming home. The intimate environment that is provided by the floor design is created for your comfort.

Customized options that will truly reflect you are also available. For a custom sized and personalized marble flooring designs visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc. The website is also a good resource for anyone who may be interested in getting to learn more about classy, superior quality floor designs.

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